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I had a great day flying rockets north east of Leipzig, Germany. The weather was superb and the people were fantastic.

I flew the following rockets:

(Click on image for full size view)

Mini Der Big Red Max on an Estes A10T-3 engine
Centuri Mercury Redstone on a Klima C6-3 engine
Estes Interceptor clone on a Klima C6-3 engine
ALTDuino-Rocks! 2 on an Estes D12-P engine (ALTDuino Altimeter + Key Chain HD camrea)
Estes Mongoose 2 stage on Klima C6-0 / C6-P engines (ALTDuino Altimeter + GPS Tansmitter)
ALTDuino-Rocks! 2 on an AT RMS D15-TP engine (ALTDuino Altimeter)

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