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A day at the 'Ring (Nordschleife)

On the 12th September I decided to head out to the Nordschleife for the last time in 2004. This was before I would have to go and have the recall done for the bearing replacement on my M. Since the recall requires a break-in period I wanted one more chance of tearing down the corners on the 'Ring

While on the way up it was raining hard and I was really asking the question what I was thinking, taking a 300 miles trip under such bad conditions. But as you can see in the pictures below my worries were completely unfounded when I finally ended up at the track.

I had made arrangements with "Army Chief" who tagged along with his son Mat. Army Chief showed up in his beautiful Velvet Blue M3. It sure was a rare sight for many onlookers.

Here are some pictures taken on the parking lot at the 'Ring:

Also at the 'Ring was "Ed" in his Blue Clio Ragnotti. We all had a chance to have a ride with Ed who knows the 'Ring like no other. I had a great time on the lap.

Lucky us on that day a lot of people were taking pictures of the cars on the track. I found these on the net and think they turned out to be awesome pictures of me in my Carbon Black M3 and Army Chief in his Velvet Blue M3!

I hope you enjoyed

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