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March 9th, 2001

I ordered my M3 today. I'll have to wait some time before I get it. Delivery is scheduled for April 2002! Smilie
March 26th, 2002

I got confirmation that I'll be receiving my M3 on the 2nd April 2002. YES! Finally! Smilie

Here is what I'm getting:

M3 Coupe 3.2 Liter 343bhp 365Nm BL91 M3 Picture
Carbon Black Metallic 0416 M3 Picture
Cinnamon Leather
with Titan Shadow trim
N5ZM M3 Picture
Front Center Arm Rest 0473 M3 Picture
Electric Fold Exterior Mirrors 0313 M3 Picture
M Double Spoke 67M 8/9.5Jx19''
Michelin Pilot Sport
225/40-19 front
255/35-19 rear
0792 M3 Picture
BMW 6 Disc CD Changer 0672 M3 Picture
Floormates 0423 NO PICTURE
Hi-Fi - Harman Kardon 0674 M3 Picture
High Gloss Shadow Line 0760 M3 Picture
Seat Back Width Adjustment 0490 NO PICTURE
Navigation System w/o TV 0609 M3 Picture
Headlamp Wash System 0502 M3 Picture
SMG II (Sequential M Tran) 0793 NO PICTURE
Front Seats Heating 0494 NO PICTURE
Ski Bag 0464 M3 Picture
Rear Blind - Electric 0415 M3 Picture
Voice Control System 0620 NO PICTURE
Cellphone/Motorola V.50 0632 M3 Picture
Bi-Xenon Headlamps 0522 M3 Picture
March 27th, 2002

I got a call today from my salesman telling me my M3 would be arriving at the dealership.
So, I picked up my digicam and went to see if it was only a dream.

Turns out I was NOT dreaming! Smilie
  Click on the pictures for full size view.
Carbon Black Metallic with 19'' wheels.   M3 PictureM3 Picture
The M3 is quiet dusty which makes the color look alot lighter.   M3 PictureM3 Picture
Cinnamon Leather with Titan Shadow trim.   M3 PictureM3 Picture
Shipping spacers mounted on shock towers.
They are used to protect suspension during shipping and give clearance for transportation.
  M3 Picture
Please comment on my Guest Book if you have any thoughts on the subject. Thanks.
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