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On the 28 th September 2002, I attended an "M" meeting in Heidelberg Germany. Goal of the trip was to meet other "M" fanatics with one other thing in common; all are www.carpassion.com forum members.
The weather was perfect so I started off my journey at 08:30AM. I had not paid that much attention as to how long the trip would take so I started very slow by cruising at around 87 mph on the Autobahn keeping in mind to warm up the engine. After about half an hour into the trip I thought I'd check my NAV to see were I was going and noticed that my arrival time calculated a time that would have meant that I would be 45 min to late!
So I had to do something about that! I floored it and was finally on my way, the way the M3 and German autobahn was meant to be used ;-D

So, who attended the "M" meet?
  • Schranzer78 - M3 E46 - with girlfriend
  • Mag - M3 E46
  • Schlattau - M3 E46 Cabrio - with wife
  • NoLimitDriver - M3 E46
  • Eltoro - M3 E46
  • staen - Z3 M Coupe - with Tina alias Krokochen
  • MaPower - M3 E 46
  • Danny - M3 E36 SMG
  • F360Spider - M3 E46
  • M3Hub - M3 E46
  • Kenzo - M3 E36 3.0
  • Headroom42- M3 E46 - with girlfriend
  • millm3 - M3 E36
  • Isch - Porsche 911 Turbo... cough cough ;-)
  • and ///yours truly - M3 E46 SMG II
Our meeting place was a small parking spot beside the main road between Neckargemuend and Ziegelhausen just outside Heidelberg.
M3 meet in Heidelberg_28.09.2002

The estimated tour length was thought to be 180 miles (288 km) so everyone made sure to tank up including me :-D
M3 meet in Heidelberg_28.09.2002

Walter alias "Eltoro" in his nice M3 patiently waiting for the rest of us to finally let him fill up his baby :-)
M3 meet in Heidelberg_28.09.2002

Waiting for Walter to finish business and then get on our way. The lead driver was getting somewhat impatient ;-)
M3 meet in Heidelberg_28.09.2002

Yep, your seeing right. Head of the pack was a Porsche 911 Turbo. The guy in the lead car probably thought he needed something good under his butt to keep off the pack of M's :-D
We are not talking about a grannies picnic ride here folks! :-D
M3 meet in Heidelberg_28.09.2002
M3 meet in Heidelberg_28.09.2002
M3 meet in Heidelberg_28.09.2002

Here I made some pictures while the pace slowed down a bit.
M3 meet in Heidelberg_28.09.2002

A convoy of some of the M's driving thru the Germany villages.
M3 meet in Heidelberg_28.09.2002

Yes, those dreaded construction traffic lights took so LOOOONG. You had to prey the others ahead would wait for the pack in the back.
M3 meet in Heidelberg_28.09.2002

After Staen and myself got cut off again we decided to do our own little tour. We had a blast :-)
M3 meet in Heidelberg_28.09.2002

Before joining the others at the restaurant we looked for a higher spot and made some shots late in the evening. Below lies Heidelberg.
M3 meet in Heidelberg_28.09.2002

Some stats from the trip:
Length: 431 miles (690 km) whereas 175 miles (280 km) were done on the tour.

Trip home from Heidelberg: 147 miles (236 km) at an average speed of 97 mph (155 km/h). Most of the time I was cruising at 150 mph (240 km/h). Consumption was 15.9 miles per gallon (14,9 L/100km). Not bad for a 343 hp sports car :-)

Please comment on my Guest Book if you have any thoughts on the subject. Thanks.
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