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ESOC Jura - France Tour 25. May 2003

Finally my first tour of 2003 got underway. Bout time too as I was getting a bit edgy BigGrin

Here the attendees of the first ESOC Tour (from right to left):
  • Watson - M3 E46 SMG II (routing & pace)
  • MillM3 - M3 E36 (steaks 'n' details)
  • M3Maniac - M3 E46 SMG II
  • Dr. Nagano - M3 E46 SMG II (video & administration)
  • Schlattau - M3 E46 SMG II Cab
  • Peakstop - M3 E46
  • JamesBond - M3 E46
  • Dragi - M3 E46 SMG II
  • ///Leo - M3 E46 SMG II
  • Rocko - M3 E36 SMG I
  • Dan321 - Z3 M-Roadster
  • Phil76 - Z3 M-Roadster
ESOC Group Foto

So I started out early in the morning for my long drive to Switzerland. The meeting point was a town called Egerkingen. Considering that route is 456 km (285 miles) I got there 5 minutes early Smile

The meeting place was on a parking lot of a shopping mall.
ESOC Group Foto

As usual Dragi had to show off by opening his hood so all could see his pride and joy Group M intake and other little goodies.
ESOC Group Foto

Our first stop to have a break in ''Moulin-Neuf''. Dr. Nagano seems to be satisfied with the result of the first part of the tour.
ESOC Group Foto

In the meantime we took on the roads as we usually do with events like these.

After our second trip the guys needed another break, a pee break that is BigGrin The 2 pictures below were taken some where between ''Kleinlützel'' and ''Lucelle''.
ESOC Group Foto

Here a picture from another position with Phil76's roadster seen in the foreground.
ESOC Group Foto

Ok, so why the line? Well, our infamous Dr. Nagano set up his video equipment for some bypass foto shooting. Picture taken somewhere in France.
ESOC Group Foto

Here all our babies lined up at the restaurant parking lot as we have our lunch break in ''Les Rangiers''.
ESOC Group Foto

This picture was taken in ''Vue des alps''. In the foreground is MillM3's E36 M3.
ESOC Group Foto

Dunno what place this is but our leaders seemed to have gotten lost and needed to find their orientation back BigGrin
ESOC Group Foto

After a great time having dinner with the gang it was time for me to leave as I had a very long drive back home. I punched in my route in my NAV and took off. Well, my NAV didn't take me around the mountains but rather over it thru deep parts in the woods and at times very narrow dirt roads. I contemplated turning back as I really had thought my NAV didn't know what is was doing. I figured I was lost. However after coming up to an opening in the woods and could see a town in the background and figured my NAV was on the right track after all. I then made the picture seen below.
ESOC Group Foto

When all was done and after having a hard days work my baby was back in the garage with 1274 km (796 miles) more on her wheels.
I hope you enjoyed my little weekend outing. We sure did

Please comment on my Guest Book if you have any thoughts on the subject. Thanks.
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