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ESOC 2004 Seasons Opening Tour, Franche-Compté

The first tour of 2004 got underway in Delémont, Switzerland Smile
I had the furthest trip of the bunch with 285 miles to get there. Thankfully the Autobahn was free of traffic so I actually got to Delémont ahead of time by 10 minutes. Total route time was 4 hours and 50 minutes.

Here the attendees of the ESOC 2004 Tour:
  • Watson - M3 E46 SMG II
  • MillM3 - Alpina B8
  • Dr. Nagano - M3 E46 CSL
  • Peakstop - M3 E46
  • Rocko - M3 E36 SMG I
  • Phil76 - Hartge V8 Roadster
  • Neo - 996 Turbo
  • S14Dokr - M3 E30
  • Tim - M3 E46
  • Aldi - M3 E46 SMG II
  • Svenson69 - M3 E46 SMG II
  • Beast - MQP
  • ///Leo - M3 E46 SMG II
As in most cases the meeting place was a McDonald's.
ESOC 24.04.2004

The 3 pictures below show the first break we took. The fun was about to start from here Smile
ESOC 24.04.2004

I thought I'd make some shots of the buildings of the town.
ESOC 24.04.2004

ESOC 24.04.2004

It was a joy driving behind S14 Dokr's E30 M3. What he lacked in HP he made up in weight.
ESOC 24.04.2004

At about 1 o'clock in the afternoon we all stopped for lunch in a fancy french restaurant. I had ...?
ESOC 24.04.2004

Another picture of the scenery while trying to keep behind the convoy.
ESOC 24.04.2004

Several more stops that we had to cool down the tires and ourselves.
ESOC 24.04.2004

ESOC 24.04.2004

ESOC 24.04.2004

ESOC 24.04.2004

On our way to the dinner meeting place we met up with our padre Schlattau in his M3 cab and 20" mounted wheels.
ESOC 24.04.2004

I had a great day. As I was in the 2nd group I didn't get a chance to see the CSL and Porsche in action. I hope in the future I will have that privilege.

Here some stats:
- The tour was 240 miles.
- I drove a total of 830 miles in the 2 days.

Oh, before I forget: Here a short video. I had hoped to have a little fun on my way home but it was not to be.

Please comment on my Guest Book if you have any thoughts on the subject. Thanks.
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