Flight Log Data: Estes Industries Astron Elliptic II (#2447)
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# Date of Launch Launch Location Payload Description Recovery System 1st Stage 2nd Stage 3rd Stage Lift-off Weight [g] Weather Conditions Temperature [°C] Altimeter Type Altitude [meters] Remarks
1 2015-05-24 Orangeburg, SC USA 9" Parachute A10-0T A10-P 68.0 Partly cloudy / windy 27 ALTDuino 75.09 Successful record maiden flight for the smallest dual deploy 2-stage model rocket flown at NSL 2015! FW2.28b
2 2016-05-29 Manchester TN, USA 9" Parachute A10-0T A10-P 70.0 Sunny / slight winds 30 ALTDuino 109.69 Very successful flight at NSL 2016! FW2.32b

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