Flight Log Data: Estes Industries Nike Smoke (#9704)
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# Date of Launch Launch Location Payload Description Recovery System 1st Stage 2nd Stage 3rd Stage Lift-off Weight [g] Weather Conditions Temperature [°C] Altimeter Type Altitude [meters] Remarks
1 2014-05-17 Orangeburg SC, USA Altimeter 24" Parachute CTI H-163 779.0 Sunny / windy 26 ALTDuino 744.37 Maiden flight and also my successful NAR level 1 certification. The altimeter was only used to log the flight. Main chute via engine ejection charge. FW 2.24b.
2 2014-05-17 Orangeburg SC, USA Altimeter, HD cam 24" Parachute CTI H-163 792.0 Sunny / windy 26 ALTDuino 685.79 Perfect flight. Dual deploy recovery via altimeter. FW 2.24b.
3 2014-08-23 Manching, Germany Altimeter 30" Parachute CTI H-163 836.0 Partly cloudy / Windy 19 ALTDuino 601.28 Good flight. Rocket arched over into the wind and the main parachute deployed at apogee.
4 2015-08-22 Manching, Germany Altimeter, 2xHD cams 30" Parachute CTI H-163 800 Sunny / Slight breeze 27 ALTDuino Flight failed due to all 4 fins disintegrating at lift-off! Possible cause is glue fatigue. Main body has only minor damage.

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