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Scratchbuilt QuadCopter v2

  • Diameter (with props): 815mm (32in)
  • Height: 282mm (11.1in)
  • Flying weight with Boscam 5.8GHz FPV Gear: 1470g (3.24lb)
  • Flying weight with GoPro Hero 3+ Black (fixed) and Boscam 5.8GHz FPV Gear: 1575g (3.47lb)
  • Flying weight with Xiaomi Yi (fixed) and Boscam 5.8GHz FPV Gear: 1567g (3.45lb)
  • Flying weight with GoPro Hero 3+ Black, GoodLuckBuy 3-Axis STorM32 Gimbal and Boscam 5.8GHz FPV Gear: 1776g (3.92lb)
  • Flying weight with GoPro Hero 3+ Black, DYS 3-Axis Smart Gimbal and Boscam 5.8GHz FPV Gear: 1790g (3.95lb) (retired)

QuadCopter parts list:
  • Flyduino Warthox Center Plates (PR1021)
  • Aluminium Arms - 10x10x260mm
  • T-Motor MT2216 KV900 v2.0
  • Flyduino 25A ESC SimonK Firmware Speed Controllers (PR1192)
  • aero-naut 12x5 CAMcarbon Light-Prop 2 CW and 2 CCW
  • Crius All In One V2.1 Flight Controller Board - MPU6050 + HMC5883 + MS5611 + FTDI
  • Drotek XL Ublox GPS Breakout Board
  • Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module RS232
  • CRIUS MAVLink-OSD V2.0 with MWOSD
  • TTL 3DR Radio 3DRobotics Telemetry Kit 433Mhz Module (optional)
  • GoodLuckBuy 3-Axis 32bit STorM32 Gimbal (optional)
  • SLS APL MAGNUM 3700mAh 3S1P 11,1V 35C/70C Lipo or
  • SLS XTRON 3700mAh 3S1P 11,1V 40C/80C Lipo

Radio equipment:
  • Graupner MX-16 HOTT 2.4 GHz
  • Graupner GR-16 HOTT Receiver

  • MultiWii 2.4
  • MultiWiiConf release 2.4 (with personal modifications)
  • MultiWii EZ-GUI for Android

Frame with mounted speed controllers and voltage regulator

Graupner GR-16 HOTT receiver

CRIUS All In One Pro v2.1 flight controller board

Drotek XL Ublox GPS module

Flyduino 25A Speed Controller

T-Motor MT2216-11 KV900 v2.0

aero-naut 12x5" Carbon Props

CRIUS MAVLink-OSD v2.0 (top) and Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module (bottom)

UBEC Voltage Regulator Module 5.4V

1000TVL FPV HD Camera 2.8mm 120° Wide Angle Lens

FPV TS5823 5.8Ghz 32CH 200mW Wireless Transmitter

Overall view of the tower

Bottom view with mounted lipo battery

DYS 3-Axis Smart Gimbal (retired)

GoodLuckBuy 3-Axis STorM32 Gimbal with GoPro (29.08.2015)

FPV setup without GoPro (05.07.2015)

FPV setup with DYS 3-Axis Smart Gimbal and GoPro (24.07.2015 - retired)

Screen of the OSD as viewed in my goggles (31.08.2015)

Flight #DateFlight duration (min)LocationComments
4125.12.20145SchwabachFirst real test and some calibration with my new Crius AIO Pro v2.1 board. Default PID's were used.
4228.12.20147SchwabachI played with ALT and GPS hold PID's.
43,4431.12.201418OberreichenbachAfter several tries I successfully flew a planed mission.
4501.01.201510SchwabachMade a video of the fireworks just after midnight.
46,4701.01.201514OberreichenbachMore successful planed mission flights.
4804.01.20157SchwabachTested a new method of programming POI's. It worked.
4905.01.20155Schwabach2 tests concentrating on mission POI.
50,5106.01.201523OberreichenbachMission flights. At the end crash from 15 meters due to lipo collapsing (outside temperature 2C). Landing gear and one prop was damaged.
52,5310.01.20158OberreichenbachQC repaired. 2 successful mission flights.
54,5518.01.2015?OberreichenbachSeveral mission flights.
5618.01.2015?SchwabachTested FPV signal quality.
57,5807.02.201511OberreichenbachNew T-Motors. Crash while photo shooting. YouTube link...
5913.02.20153SchwabachFirst test with 3-Axis gimbal.
6015.02.20156SchwabachTests with 3-Axis gimbal.
6116.02.20155SchwabachFirst flight with video recording.
6217.02.20155SchwabachMission flight. Second recording test.
63,6420.02.201516OberreichenbachMission flights.
6522.02.20152SchwabachTests with unintentional flip - no damage.
66,6726.02.201516OberreichenbachMission flights.
68,6928.02.201516OberreichenbachMission flights.
70,7111.03.201516OberreichenbachMission flights.
7215.04.20158SchwabachTests with 3-Axis gimbal.
73,7418.04.201516OberreichenbachFlying with 3-Axis gimbal.
75,7619.03.201516OberreichenbachFlying with 3-Axis gimbal.
77,7820.03.201516OberreichenbachFirst arial recordings of rocket launches. YouTube link...
79,8025.03.201516OberreichenbachFirst usage of the OSD module.
8103.04.20159OberreichenbachFun flying.
82,8305.04.201518OberreichenbachFirst tests with mini FPV camera mounted in the nose.
84,8507.04.201518OberreichenbachMission flights.
86,8710.04.201518OberreichenbachMission flights.
88,8912.04.201518OberreichenbachFun flying plus short mission flight. YouTube link...
90,9119.04.2015?OberreichenbachFun flying. Crashed QC into a tree resulting in major damage.
92,9307.06.201518OberreichenbachQuadcopter rebuilt. Fun flying.
94,9512.06.201518OberreichenbachFun flying.
96,9714.06.201518OberreichenbachFun flying.
98,9917.06.201518OberreichenbachFun flying.
100,10121.06.201520OberreichenbachFPV flights.
102,10325.06.201518OberreichenbachFPV flights.
104,10528.06.201518OberreichenbachFPV flights.
106,10729.06.201520OberreichenbachFPV flights.
108,10930.06.201520OberreichenbachFPV flights.
110,11105.07.201522OberreichenbachNew carbon rods (reduced weight by 40g). FPV flights.
112,11310.07.201522OberreichenbachFPV flights.
11411.07.201510SchwabachFPV flight.
115,11616.07.201520OberreichenbachFPV flights. Max altitude: 203 m, Max distance: 333 m.
117,11818.07.201520OberreichenbachFPV flights. Max altitude: 246 m, Max distance: 406 m. YouTube link...
119,12024.07.201516OberreichenbachFPV flights with GoPro and 3-Axis gimbal.
121,12226.07.201516OberreichenbachFPV flights with GoPro and 3-Axis gimbal.
123,12402.08.20158OberreichenbachFPV flights with GoPro and 3-Axis gimbal. Second flight ended in a crash.
The DYS 3-Axis Gimbal was damaged beyond repair. The QC needs repair work.
12509.08.20152SchwabachQuick test flight after completing the repairs. She flies perfect again.
126,12715.08.201518OberreichenbachFirst flights after the rebuild. Failsafe simulation (without actual flight) worked as intended.
12822.08.20155ManchingShort FPV fun flying.
129,13023.08.201524ManchingLong range signal tests.
13125.08.20155SchwabachFirst test with new GLB gimbal and stock PID settings.
132,133,13429.08.201519SchwabachGLB gimbal and ALT HOLD PID tuning.
135,13630.08.201521OberreichenbachFun flying with GLB gimbal.
137,13831.08.201520OberreichenbachFun flying with GLB gimbal.
13902.09.20157SchwabachTested new QC PID's to reduce shaking while in motion.
14011.09.20157SchwabachALT HOLD PID tuning.
141,14219.09.201519OberreichenbachTesting latest PID's on the gimbal.
143,14409.10.201519OberreichenbachFun flying with GLB gimbal.
14518.10.20152SchwabachGimbal is now mounted to the frame without vibration damping balls.
14601.11.201510OberreichenbachFirst thorough test without damping balls on the gimbal.
Lipo #Number of charges
176SLS APL MAGNUM 3700mAh 3S1P 11,1V 35C/70C (Retired 06.09.2015)
271SLS APL MAGNUM 3700mAh 3S1P 11,1V 35C/70C
37SLS XTRON 3700mAh 3S1P 11,1V 40C/80C - 327g
   Charge #7 - Undervoltage on 08.11.2015
45SLS XTRON 3700mAh 3S1P 11,1V 40C/80C - 327g
50Zippy 5000mAh 4S1P 14,8V 30C/40C - 518g
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